Blissful Blooms is a service offered by Kate Smith Soirée that will allow you to make a floral donation to a local charity of your choosing.

At the end of the evening, when all of the vendors are clearing out the space from the wedding, most couples choose to toss the gorgeous flowers that they’ve spent so much money on – and that makes us really sad! Blissful Blooms allows us to re-purpose your event flowers to brighten someone else’s day!

With this service, you may select from a list of participating recipients including nursing homes, hospice care facilities, women’s shelters, and schools to provide them with beautiful, re-purposed flower arrangements from your event. Kate Smith Soirée will manage and deliver the bloom donation on your behalf.

Here’s how the Blissful Blooms Project works:

Step 1: Pre-event communication and coordination with your event planner, venue coordinator and/or florist.
Step 2: Communication with the recipient of your donation.
Step 3: Pick up of flowers (and vases if donated) from the venue once your event concludes that night or the next day. Or a drop-off to our location can be arranged.
Step 4: Rearrangement and refreshing of flowers (if necessary) into recycled vases and containers.
Step 5: Delivery to a non-profit recipient in the community.
Step 6: Composting of blooms, greenery and recycling of other waste.
Step 7: A small fee of $75 to help the Blissful Bloom continue this mission. Fees are strictly used towards supplies and labor to re-purpose the arrangements. The Blissful Bloom Project is a not-for-profit.

Contact us for more information about our Blissful Blooms service!